What Thai System is

Thai System is a method that uses a patent registered at national level to propose a solution to the mosquito problem: the trap pot.

This pot is designed to identify a "water point" where the mosquitoes can lay down their eggs, but, thanks to the presence of a tablet with larva-killing action immersed in water, they cannot complete their biological cycle.

The introduction of these pots represents an innovative fight system: safe, easy to apply, requires a simple monthly maintenance for the replacement of the tablet.

It is used in large spaces such as camping, outdoor restaurant gardens, holiday farms, but the strength of this method is also in the fact of being applicable in small areas such as the gardens of the house and block of flats.

This is possible thanks to the ease of introduction, of maintenance and the absence of release into the environment of chemicals.

Placing pots allows to largely contain the mosquito problem, limiting or eliminating treatments with chemical pesticides.

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