How Thai System’s method works

The system consists in recreating the suitable conditions for the reproduction of mosquitoes which, notoriously, lay their eggs in dark environments with high humidity, and thus act against larval stages. The Thai System trap pot has a hole at about half height and, as a cover, a removable basket to be filled at will (ornamental plant, decorative stones, sand ...). Pot will be filled with water up to the level of the hole and the Proxilar tablet is released in the water, active against the larval stages. Mosquito will then enter the hole to lay her eggs in water but larvae will not develop, so we will interrupt the biological cycle and effectively reduce the number of mosquitoes in our environment.

Schema description:

  1. Mosquito enters the trap pot
  2. Lays down eggs
  3. Eggs become larvae
  4. Larvae die inside the trap pot so the next mosquito’s generation is interrupted
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